What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?  

Reiki is a non religious form of alternative medicine called energy healing.  Healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner to the recipient. More people are learning about Reiki as a complimentary treatment and it is offered in reputable hospitals such, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Cleveland Clinic, New York Presbyterian, the Yale Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital to list a few.

This form of Energy Healing has fascinated me, I've even taken a workshop on it, but I wanted to hear more about Reiki from an experienced practitioner so I asked Andrea Travillian, who is a Reiki Practioner, Personal Development Expert, (and oh so much more) to share her Reiki journey with us.  

Have you ever experienced Reiki?  Do you have questions let us know in the comments section.

Read about Andrea's Reiki journey:

When I first got my Reiki level one training, I wanted to use it for managing my own energy. As an empath, I pick up everyone else’s energy very easily.  And I needed tools to protect my energy.

Reiki was supposed to be just one of the tools I added. I had no intention of practicing it on others. Then the more I learned its power to manage energy the more I did want to share it. So, I went on to become a Reiki master, and began sharing it with clients.The following are the three things that I have learned about energy by practicing Reiki.

You Cannot Help Others If Your Energy is Bad
I know, you have heard this before. You cannot help others before you help yourself. But it is deeper than the act of helping. We are all energetic beings. We all exchange energy. When you pass by someone on the street, you trade and absorb the other person’s energy. Some are more in tune with this exchange and know it. But many do not even realize that the sudden anxiety that they are feeling is not theirs. What this means is that when you are not taking care of yourself, you are passing that negative energy on. Without even trying. It’s not that you cannot function and help others. It is that you are spreading your energy. If your energy is run down and sad, that is what you spread. The act of taking care of your own energy is a necessary part of helping the entire planet. Not just the amount of physical energy. But also, your emotional, spiritual, and mental energy. I have many ways that I manage my own energy, but my favorites are meditation, journaling and reiki. 

Your Space Has to be Energetically Aligned

Beyond working on your own energy, the space that you are in impacts you. Like human’s exchange energy, we exchange energy with our physical spaces.
If your space is filled with negative energy from you or a family, you will not be able to keep your own energy clear. Even if you are doing the work to try and keep your body energetically clear. In addition to human energy, our spaces pick up energy from the planet. So even if you are clear of bad energy, the power plant next door, may be sending out negative energy. For my reiki practice, I use crystals, sage and palo santo to clear me and my space. 

Energy is Constantly Shifting
One day the energy of you and your space may need a very different healing, than the next day. This is also true of the people you are interacting with. So, you could have lunch with a friend one day and have great a great energy exchange. You may go out the very next day, to the same place and have a completely different experience.Your energy may be different, perhaps hers is. Or maybe even the restaurant manager's energy is different. Managing your energy is an ongoing process. You need to stay in tune to what is going on around you. Then adjust accordingly. For every session I hold, I select crystals based on the intuitive information I pick up. I use them to either protect me, gain information on the client or a bit of both. Remember that as you look to regulate your own energy, it will not always be the same. And the solution to bringing it back into line are not always the same. So, the more options you have the better.

These are my favorite crystals to use when maintaining energy for me and my space:
 Tourmaline
 Amethyst
 Lapis Lazuli
 Citrine
 Malachite
 Black onyx

Learning to read energy and make sure yours is adjusted takes time. Practice and
awareness will help you learn to better manage your energy.

Andrea Travillian teaches emotional healing and spiritual growth. Through writing,
classes, and one-on-one work she helps women to understand what is blocking them, heal those blocks and gain the happiness they desire. Learn more
at andreatravillian.com or follow her on Instagram and Twitter


*source: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/04/reiki-cant-possibly-work-so-why-does-it/606808/

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