A little more info

I take my work very seriously and consider every sale sincerely. I know that when someone makes a purchase, I am sending a blessing to them & their home. Because of that, I personally use tuning forks to cleanse all the stones and crystals that come and go from our studio.

People who are familiar with stones and crystals will 'cleanse' them in several ways, one such way is with sound.  I use tuning forks that have a very high vibrational frequency and when I clear the stones, I offer up my best intentions that whoever receives these items will be impacted in a positive way and the items be used for the highest good of all.

I place a great emphasis on the Soul part of Soul Stonz. We don’t wear shoes in the studio as I consider it a sacred place. 

Bringing in the dirt from outside would not only physically make things dirty, but it also applies to inviting the negativity of the outside world.  

If you think about it, your home should be a sanctuary, a place you feel safe, loved, and away from the world's opinions even unkindness at times.  In that same way I consider my studio to be a place that is safe, and loving place where I would not invite energy that isn't loving, kind, or of low vibration.

Harsh words, voices, angry thoughts—We don’t do those in the studio. I don’t have television, or listen to news, or have negative, loud sounds in this space. 

If I feel I have to have a conversation that brings down my energy, I don’t do it within the workspace. It’s either silence or happy music if others are working with me, or positive audio books, talks and lectures. I try to keep the air fresh using essential oils, I set my mind with positive intentions for creativity and beauty.  

I want everything that comes from me to be as good, happy and light as possible.  It’s not just about selling stuff. I’m sending out good vibes into the world.