We specialize in bringing you gemstone jewelry & gifts serving as visual reminders of the positive energy you want to bring into your life.

Jewelry that speaks to your soul.

Simple, beautiful jewelry that speaks to your soul & connects to your intention.

Our jewelry is handmade in a studio, not a factory.  A real human being, paid a reasonable living wage creates these pieces.  The jewelry that comes from Soul Stonz is intended to bring joy & happiness to the recipient.  We send out only our best intentions so that this jewelry can be used for the highest good of all.

We believe there is something magical about gemstones & crystals. Humans have been drawn to beautiful stones since the beginning of time. Every known civilization has incorporated the use of crystals, whether adorning their royalty & leaders, using in spiritual practice, or in healing modalities. Humans & gemstones have a history as old as the earth.  Maybe because some of the same minerals that are in stones exist in our own bodies. Whatever the reason, we just love them & hope you find our use of them beautiful.