Are Crystals Magical? Do they have powers???

Here is a real-life story from a friend and customer, Nancy who gave me permission to share her and her son's story.

A few years ago, I had gone digging for quartz crystals in Arkansas.  I gave out a few of those crystals to a few people, Nancy was one of them. Here is the message she sent me:

"I have to share with you what a gift that wee crystal that you gave me a while back has been🤗 for me & my oldest!! Crazy guy goes & buys a Hearse from a funeral home that he does business with. He's modifying it for his business, he's a mobile paint & body guy. Well you can imagine my surprise when he rolls into the cul de sac in it🤩!!

He opens the back door & literally I felt hibbie jeebies deep inside my belly & they wouldn't go away while I was looking thru the car. Seeing the inside of a hearse is just surreal knowing that previous passengers we're given their final ride in it. So I immediately go grab that crystal you gave me, knowing your processes & good juju that it comes from. I gave it to him to promise me he'd keep it in the limo at all times. He promised. This morning he sends me a text that upon opening the car door he felt different...I screenshot it.

Thank you for peace of mind. I was going crazy trying to think of what I could do to cleanse this unusual space it really needed something my gut was really out of sorts being in it. That wee crystal was perfect🙏 , since he wouldn't let me go full curandera & smudge it. You're such a blessing🤗"

Wow!  What a cool story!!  So to ask and answer my original question do crystals have magical powers?  Can they help help protect, manifest, or generally bring good vibes?  I think that depends on you.

If you see crystals as just rocks or nothing special, then they probably won't have any effect, but if you're like me and open to being open, then you might just get to experience some magic for yourself. 

I think the energy we give to any object, thought, prayer, or wish carries with it our vibrations or frequencies, and if we use crystals (or any object) as a tool to help us stay in that energy then, YES, I do think they're magical.  And I think in this case Nancy's son could feel the love, hope, and prayers she imbued into that stone she gave him, and I most definitely think that's magical!!! 

I think he picked a really unique vehicle that is memorable and is a clever marketing tool.  I'm so happy his mom feels good about it too <3

Here are a couple cool pics of Nancy's son's car & the crystal that has a forever home in his business <3

P.S. - All items that leave my studio get cleansed with sun, water or sound, or all three sometimes.  I believe that when I prepare items in such a way, I'm sending out positive energy, and my wish is that my products bring joy and light to those who get them. <3

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