Do You Need Fixing?

Do you need FIXING?

Can I tell you a quick & true story?  It's about a girl who wanted to meet someone special.  This was a lovely young woman who was educated, successful, attractive, kind, and all other good things.

Many years ago she and I had a conversation, about wanting to meet someone special, and as soon as she lost X number of pounds she was going to make a profile on a dating app, and get "out there."

To which I responded, "No! Do not wait, do it now.  Do it as you are, the way you are right now, and the right person will find you." 

I went on to tell her that most people have been trying to lose the same 5, 10, 15+ pounds for YEARS.  And, wouldn't she rather make a connection with someone who finds her attractive as she is right now?  She can still work on losing weight, if she wants, but don't let that be the thing that stops her from putting herself out there.

The thing about my friend is;  A lot of us, are just like her.  Many of us will tell ourselves, "but first I need to do X."  It could be losing weight, getting new clothes, a new car, more education, more money, more experience, straighter, whiter teeth, blah, blah, blah the list goes on ..,"

Whatever 'IT' is, 'IT' is the barrier to entry.  'IT' is something worthy of stopping us from doing the "THING". You know that dream you have, that hobby, that craft, that adventure, that relationship you keep thinking or wishing after, the THING you really want?

What many of us do, is keep ourselves from the THING, because we're afraid, and in order to protect ourselves we create obstacles to keep us from STARTING.

Most of us will pick ourselves apart and give ourselves all the reasons why we're not good enough to do or be the thing we want to try.  This keeps us safe. 

This also keeps us stifled, unfulfilled, and sad. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Back to my friend;  I didn't know if what I said took hold.  I like to hand out advice like it's my job, so I didn't think too much about it. We kind of lost touch, although we remained FACEBOOK friends.  Maybe about 4-5+ years ago, we reconnected and turns out she did take my advice! 

She told me that after our conversation, that same day, she posted her profile. Soon after connected with someone special, who turned out to be really special, and they ended up getting married and still married, for probably 10+ years now.

I think we know the moral of the story is, STOP WAITING!  If you have something in your heart or your mind that you want to try, GO FOR IT!  

You don't need to whiter teeth, longer or shorter hair, more money, more education, less cellulite, YOU are fine, just as you are.  You are ready to start walking towards the thing you want. 

If you've been waiting to "FIX" yourself, consider yourself FIXED.  You are the way you're meant to be right now, that doesn't mean you can't and won't evolve, improve, and change, but that's the stuff you do while you're DOING the things.

You are enough just as you are right now. Life is SHORT!  You better do what's in your heart while you can because one day you won't have the option.

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