Are you blocking the flow of abundance?

Are you blocking the flow of abundance?


Something happened today, that got me thinking;  most of us probably block the flow of abundance, without even knowing it.  

I'm in a business group for online retailers.  We all share experiences, tips, referrals, & generally try to encourage each other.  This poor lady posted about accidentally setting her Facebook ad budget to $400.00 per day instead of $4.00 per day.  Ouch!  I felt her pain, that's something that could easily happen to anyone.

I messaged her & asked for her Venmo or PayPal, I told her I was going to send her something small to help pay towards that.  (I was only planning on sending $25.00.). 

She said she appreciated it, but just couldn't take it.  I told her, she could, and help someone else in the future.  I offered again 3 times, still she politely refused.

If someone wants to help your business out, LET them!  (Anyone watch the Thernos/ Elisabeth Holmes, series on HULU or We Crashed - WeWork series on Apple).  It's ludicrous how these companies got investors to dump millions even billions into black holes of corporations & little businesses won't take $25.

I get it, it can feel weird to take money or help from people, especially if you're the one usually helping, BUT you know how great it feels to be able to help others?  Yeah, it does feel pretty great, so allow someone else the gift of getting to bless you. People actually get joy from helping, so let them when it's appropriate.

Abundance comes in other forms besides money too, so:

TAKE the compliment, don't discount it.

Say YES, PLEASE & THANK YOU when someone offers to help you carry all your bags.

Do NOT fight over the check when you go to lunch with a friend. If they want to treat you allow it & be gracious.

When a friend says let me know if you need something, actually let them know - if they can't, it's ok. 

You are positioning yourself into the energy of abundance.  Why would the universe send you more, if you aren't being gracious with what it's already sent you, even compliments.

When someone says you did a great job, don't go pointing out the flaws in it.  When they say your hair looks nice, don't say I need my highlights done,  Say, "thank you" & believe them.  You did do a great job & your hair looks amazing.  

Be open to receiving, don't block the positive. 

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