Intro to Smoke Cleansing

Do you need some fresh energy?  Clearing out negative vibes, and welcoming the positive?  With the way 2020 has been going, I would say, HECK YES!  If this is you let me give you a little education in Smoke Cleansing.

When you see the images of these beautiful bundles, you might think of the words 'Saging or Smudging' those terms are attributed to Native American people & are sacred to their ceremonies & practices.  Although these might seem similar they are actually not the same thing.  These bundles are used for SMOKE CLEANSING. You can create your own unique experience tapping into the powerful properties of plants, and experience the benefits of plant healing. For many this practice is not spiritual at all, and is based on the idea that smoke actually cleanses and reduces bad bacteria in the air.

In recent years there have been a few studies done to evaluate the benefits of medicinal smoke cleansing. Such studies have found that the burning of medicinal plants can help reduce airborne bacteria*. If interested in learning more, just head to Google. For myself I look to smoke cleansing more for a symbolic way to release stagnant energy and invite the fresh and clean, and if there are any antimicrobial benefits, then all the better for me.

The fact is cultures around the world have used the power of plants in healing, ceremonies & spiritual practices since the beginning of time.  It’s only today that we see these practices anew, but in truth all of our ancestors have used plants in some way to improve their lives and connect to nature.  In today's modern world, reconnecting with nature and plant energy can help us invite more calm, tranquility, and attain the energy we wish to have in our lives.

The Smoke cleansing bundles I create are handmade with care & with the intention of bringing positive energy into the world.  Made with conventionally grown garden sage, thyme, rosemary, & other botanicals. 

Whatever plants you choose to use, remember to dry them out completely.  Ensure you have adequate ventilation by opening windows or doors. This is very important not only for smoke & fire safety, but to allow stagnant or negative energy to exit your space.  

A fire safe dish is required to catch stray embers & ash.  I suggest something similar to an ashtray.  Once lit, do not allow flames to remain, put out flames by blotting out in the fire safe dish, only leaving the smoke.  You may have to relight more than once.  Never leave the bundle unattended.   

Guidance to creating your own smoke cleansing practice:

Give yourself privacy so you are not disturbed.  Turn off distractions. Set your intention 

Meditate on what energy you need to release & what energy you would invite. Create a mantra or prayer that you can recite as you use your bundle. Ask your higher power to guide you & bless your actions. I like to start & stop at the same point, door or window & work in a clockwise manner, but feel free to do what feels right for your space.  You may even choose to cleanse yourself outside; directionality is not a factor.

*please note, there is no substitute for washing your hands, wearing a mask, and straight up cleaning.  Also understand this article makes no claims as to reduction of viruses.

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