Clarity That Only Diamonds Can Bring

Soul Chat with Karen Israel owner of DIADEM, INC.

Let me tell you about my friend, and fellow boss lady Karen,

the owner of DIADEM a wholesaler/importer of fine jewelry, gemstones, and of course DIAMONDS, DIAMONDS!!!

Karen is a brilliant, insightful former therapist who in more ways than one came back home to her family business; the business of sparkly, shiny, beautiful fine jewelry. 

Karen, tell us about yourself, what you do, who you are, what you're working on?

My name is Karen Israel and I am in native Dallasite. I grew up in a traditional Jewish family with immigrant parents, from Egypt, and extended family all over the world. I’m very connected to my culture and traditions. I worked in the psychotherapy field for nearly 21 years up until May 2020 when I decided to close my practice for good and reopen my family’s Diamond importing business. Given that there are many Jewish people in this industry, religious tradition feels intricately woven into the trade.

How did you find yourself taking this new direction?

To put it simply, I left psychotherapy because I was not separating my own emotional life from the emotions of others; it got to feel very daunting and suffocating. I knew that something had to change and I knew that I had to be the one to change it. In essence, it was time to stop helping others and start helping myself.

What about your work now is fulfilling for you?

I really sense that diamonds are in my DNA. I believe it’s simply because it’s the world in which I grew up, and I grabbed onto my father’s great love for art and design and of course diamonds. It is thrilling to look at such a beauty created in a place I’ll never see and in a time I’ll never be to achieve their current magnificent state and then connect them with people to facilitate a perfect match!

How do you want people to feel when they wear, see, or gift these pieces?

Well, I want them to feel wonderful! I want them to feel happy that they’re wearing something they love and proud that they made a good choice not only in the stones but in picking me to create this piece of jewelry for them.

I know spirituality is important to you, do you feel it impacts your business?

My spirituality definitely impacts my work simply because without a belief in my
deserving a joyous life and a successful life, I also designed jewelry that will help others connect to their own spirituality and belief in their own worthiness. 

How do you define spirituality?

I think that spirituality is a feeling of connectedness to every other thing in the universe. A knowing and trusting that everything that happens to us is truly for our better, and as we become more and more able to see this connectedness, We are more and more able to live the life that we're intended to live – that the Creator wants us to have everything and the Creator is here to give it to us. 

Was there a moment or event that made you feel connected to a divine

I’ll talk about the time when I began studying Kabbalah, which was 71/2 years ago, following a break up and resulting moment where I lost direction about my purpose in life. Once I begin studying, I started to feel comforted that I actually did have support to remember my worthiness and I was able again to move forward in life with hope and positivity.

I'm so glad you mentioned your Kabbalah studies.  You were so kind once to give me a card reading using your Kabbalah card deck.  It was such an interesting experience, let's chat a little bit about that.

What do you think enables or activates the cards?

I definitely think that the person open to receiving a message from the cards ought
to be in a place of openness, curiosity, and inspiration.

Can anyone use card decks?

I do believe that anybody can use these card decks; there’s really not much of a
secret to it. I know they’re intended for fun yet I believe that any message can be valuable, all we have to do is look for the value.

Do you think your years as a therapist helps you decipher or unpack the
information you receive?

I will say absolutely! There are certain ways that I may receive information and
there are methods I have learned to use to help others get to the bottom of
their true feelings and desires.

Do you draw upon any spiritual gifts?

I have, for sometime now, wondered if I am an empath. An empath is a person
who is able to feel, understand, and connect with other peoples emotions without words, simply on the basis of vibration. I am still learning how to use this power for good and not evil – which means to help others but not at the expense of myself.

Do you have to prepare yourself in anyway to receive guidance?

I do take time to turn my focus onto the person I’m reading, and very importantly, I also take time to energetically separate my own emotions and experiences from the person I’m reading.

Is there a main point, large or small that you want people to know about Kabbalah?

Kabbalah, in Aramaic, means to receive. Essentially, Kabbalah is here to teach
us that the creator and the light that the creator emits for the entirety of our
universe, is all here for our benefit and our joy. All we need to do is
become acquainted with it so that we can harness it to help lead us
through this physical life.

Karen, thank you so much for sharing with us!  I know there is so much more we can chat about.  Your diamond jewelry is exquisite, and coming home to your family and father's life work, must feel really special.  

You have taken up your crown & I think your dad would be really proud of you. Diamonds are in your DNA, as well as your innate ability to connect with people.  I know you are serving your clients well, creating heirloom worthy treasures. 

 I'm so happy to be connected to you, and cheer you on as you navigate your dazzling business.

For those of you who don't know the word diadem means;

  1. a jeweled crown or headband worn as a symbol of sovereignty.


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    June I’m just so proud to read this! Thank you, again, so much for your friendship and interest in my work!

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