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Have you ever felt like you’re wearing jeans that are either a bit snug or too loose, but that feeling isn’t really about jeans, it’s about your life? Well, that’s what I’ve felt like for the past several years. I’ve been trying to find myself, my passion, my inspiration, my thing.

I had “it” when I created my first business, June Bijou Jewelry in September of 2001.  Before starting the business I had never even put a clasp on a necklace, but by the end of 10 years I was manufacturing for BIG stores, selling to super famous retailers like Bloomingdales, BCBG, & others like Fred Segal all over the world.   My jewelry and even I, personally, was featured on TV., and in magazines.

But, because of burn out, kids, and who knows what else, I let it die. Ever since I've found myself struggling to find that feeling of being on purpose.

Late this summer, I had a burst of creative expression that I could no longer keep inside.   I’m so excited to announce the birth of my new line; Soul Stonz.

I realized I still have all this creative expression that has to come out somehow or I’ll just explode.   The last 4 or 5 weeks have been a blur, everything from concept to creation has taken all my available time to deliver Soul Stonz into the world.

This line is really influenced by spirituality, which means many things to many people, but for me it’s all about Creativity, Kindness, Love, Beauty, Expansion, Abundance, and Receptivity. While designing Soul Stonz I spent many hours listening to lectures and talks from a wide variety of spiritual teachers.  My design area is a sacred space where  the sole intention is to bring about happiness, joy, and kindness.

Now, 16 years later in the same month I started my first company, I’m back. This time I’m not making jewelry just to produce and sell. This time it’s all based in feelings, frequencies, and the spiritual gifts. Just as we have our own stories, so do the stones used in the jewelry.

I would so appreciate any support & positive vibes as I share my journey.

Please join my new Facebook page, and Instagram, and check out a preview at soulstonz.com


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