How I Cleanse My Crystals


The clean I’m talking about isn’t the ‘wash the dirt off’ kind of cleaning, but an energetic cleansing.  Say what? Yes, an energetic cleansing. Some people believe crystals can pick up and carry different energies and vibrations from their travels to their final destinations – you and your hot little hands.  So, if they’ve encountered negative energy along the way, you’ll want to cleanse them. I think of it like getting an oil change or changing the filters in your house, energetic maintenance!


When I first became interested in stones and their properties, this all sounded kind of crazy and a little too “new-agey” for me.  To be honest, it still does not resonate 100% with me. But, because I’m now in the world of stones, I respect the beliefs and experiences of the community (crystal and stone lovers) which I’m beginning to serve. I have educated myself and ,with respect, carry out a cleansing on all stones. Whether raw or in finished jewelry, my stones are cleansed as they travel  from my hands to another’s.


The cleansing I do is with sound, this method felt right to me. Even though I may not understand all of the reasons behind cleansing, I can do this with integrity because it feels authentic to me. Before I tell you more about the sound cleansing, here are some of the most common ways people cleanse ( also known as clearing) stones.





Salt water baths

Running water


There are even more ways to clear and recharge your stones, but those are the most popular. I don’t believe there is a right or wrong way to do it. I think, as with anything, your intentions are the most powerful source of energy.


Sunlight didn’t feel right to me because stones are formed underground, and the vast majority of stones and crystals will fade if left in sunlight for prolonged times.  Most sites will not advise leaving stones in the sunlight for a long time however, if you are drawn to that method, go for it!


Leaving my stones out overnight to be charged by moonlight conjures up for me, images of beautiful ladies in sheer, flowing dresses, chanting and dancing around a fire (a’la Celtic or Druid style). As much I would love that, with my luck my neighbors would probably call the cops to report suspicious activity coming from my house.  I’m kidding, placing your stones in the moonlight is used by a great many (probably the majority of crystal lovers). I know it to be an authentic and meaningful method, it just doesn’t speak to my soul and for practicalities sake, the volume of stones I would have to cart in and out is just too much work.

Salt water and running water cleansings, again, I just have so many stones that this would take up too much time.  In addition, some stones do not do well immersed in either plain or salt water.


Saging or smudging is when a bundle of herbs or wood is burnt and the smoke is meant to cleanse the stones.  I’m just not a fan of burning stuff and don’t really love the smell of burnt wood or leaves. However, this is an ancient practice and I fully respect those who feel drawn to it.


When I heard that sound could be used to cleanse stones I immediately knew that would be my way.  I had already been reading several books on sound energy and how it can be used to heal emotionally and physically.  It was just fascinating to me on it’s own and come to find out it could be used in another one of my interests!. I came across two experts in the world of crystals that both gave talks on why they felt sound was the best method for them.  I had already purchased my first set of tuning forks that make such a magical sound. I just knew if I’m to clear stones, it’s got to be this way! I already had tuning forks but sound cleansing can be done with singing bowls, a nice sounding bell, humming or even singing  in your own voice.


We can feel sound as energy, think about vibrations from a loud stereo or drum.  Kidney stones are blasted to bits by sound waves. Ultrasounds allow us to see unborn babies. Echolocation is used by animals to see, hunt, and navigate.  There is something about all of that, that made sense to me. I use sound to cleanse and clear all the stones, beads, and raw crystals coming in and out of my business.   The idea is to have a beautiful sound wash over the stones to clear any negativity and recharge them. So, that is exactly what I do with special tuning forks.


Tuning forks are used in alternative healing therapies. There are many types and they can have many different sounds and frequencies. If you’ve never heard them, you are definitely missing out.  Many people believe the sounds can help realign the bodies centers, so if there is anything out of alignment, these sounds can help the body realign naturally.


Sound energy resonated with me, but you might feel drawn to another method or none at all.  Whatever you choose will be the right thing for you. There are no right or wrong ways, do what is comfortable and what lights you up in this and all things.


Sending you good vibrations, 



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