Tumbled Red Jasper

Tumbled Red Jasper

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Green Aventurine has been called the stone of opportunity.  This would be a wonderful token for someone looking for a new job, or starting a new project.  It is believed to bring the owner luck, prosperity, and growth.  This stone would be wonderful for someone who is on a path of self improvement and development.

Green Aventurine has been said to spark creativity, enchance patience, and help to cultivate peaceful energies.  Also thought to attract an optimistic attitude in oneself and those around you.

Use this stone as a visual reminder of the growth and new opportunities you want to attract into your life. Let this stone remind you of all the possibilities and exciting changes you want to happen for your life.  Dream big & let your imagination run will with all your possibilites.

All stones come packaged with information card. Stones vary in color & size.

Order is for one (1) quantity stone 

*Stone attributes are never to be substituted for medical advice, please always use common sense and seek professional medical advice for any medical issues.  Buying our beads and stones will not cure you of anything, but they have been known to improve your outfit or mood and that's got to count for something.*


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