Labradorite Standing
Labradorite Standing

Labradorite Standing

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This piece stands approximately 4'tall & has beautiful flashes of blues & greens.


Magic * Creativity* Dreams

Sometimes called the 'Bringer of Light', Labradorite is thought to be mystical and protective stone.  Thought to be used by the Vikings as navigating tools, it is a stone for foresight and intuition.  Colors range from grey, green and blue hues, with sparks of flash and sheen.

Use Labradorite as a reminder of how amazing and magical you are.  You are made of the same stuff as stars, don't dim your light.  Allow your talents, personality, and your soul to shine.  You becoming the most authentic version of yourself will illuminate the way for others, and help them feel safe to do the same.  Shine your light so that

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