Heart Palm Stones - Labradorite

Heart Palm Stones - Labradorite

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Labradorite Palm Stones are smooth & perfect to have close to you so you can hold in your palm or hold when you feel like it.

Sometimes called the 'Bringer of Light', Labradorite is thought to be mystical and protective stone.  Thought to be used by the Vikings as navigating tools, it is a stone for foresight and intuition.  Colors range from grey, green and blue hues, with sparks of flash and sheen.

Use Labradorite as a reminder of how amazing and magical you are.  You are made of the same stuff as stars, don't dim your light.  Allow your talents, personality, and your soul to shine.  You becoming the most authentic version of yourself will illuminate the way for others, and help them feel safe to do the same.  Shine your light so that

We can never go wrong by adding just a little bit of love.

Use this stone as a reminder of love for yourself and others,  Think of all the stone represents and allow those thoughts to filter through to your interactions with others.

Stones are approximately 1.25".

Believe in the magic within yourself, nothing works unless you do. Use this stone to remind you of the energy you wish to attract.

These natural stones vary in size, shape & color.  

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