Heart Pocket Stones - Carnelian

Heart Pocket Stones - Carnelian

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Carnelian Palm Stones are smooth & perfect to have close to you so you can hold in your palm or hold when you feel like it. 

Carnelian has been called the singers stone, it has often helped people boost their confidence.  Used by entertainers, performers, or those who address large groups of people.  This stone has been attributed with it's ability to enhance creativity, energy, and strength.  Full of life energy and vitality this stone inspires action, confidence, and motivation.

Associated with the Heart Chakra, Zoisite is thought to help lift deep grief and despair. 

Stones are approximately 1 -1.5".

Believe in the magic within yourself, nothing works unless you do. Use this stone to remind you of the energy you wish to attract.

These natural stones vary in size, shape & color.  

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