Heart Drop Bottle Earrings - Aquamarine - Small

Heart Drop Bottle Earrings - Aquamarine - Small

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So sweet!  These heart drop earrings are just the perfect little something that makes you feel complete whether headed to the grocery store or a date night.  Light, easy, and so precious. Genuine gemstones and heavy gauged 14K gold filled wires are used to create these little lovelies.

Labradorite in the metaphysical world, the stone is considered one of the most powerful protectors. Some believe this stone creates a shield against negativity of the world.  A stone often used by shamans and healers to strengthen physic abilities and strengthen intuition.  This most beautiful and mysterious stone is grey with flecks of blues and greens. 

Earrings measure approximately 1 1/4"L from ear wire to stone drop.  Stone drops are approximately 1/4"L.

Hand made with love for you.  Earrings come packaged in adorable glass vials with stoppers.


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