Heart Hoops Small - Labradorite
Heart Hoops Small - Labradorite

Heart Hoops Small - Labradorite

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These small heart hoops are near & dear to my....Umm heart.

The entire line of heart hoops have become my signature earrings.  I love all things hearts, I worked on making these hoops for what seemed like forever!  I probably used over 30 feet trying to perfect them.  They started out being too angled, I didn't like the loops I had at first, and then getting them consistent, argh!!!!  That took some careful note taking & measuring each piece of wire. There is no 'eyeballing' these sweeties.

But, here they are my sweet little cuties.  I hope you love them as much as I do. Know that love, time, & positive energy went into all of these.  May you wear them or gift them in love, light & health.

Labradorite in the metaphysical world, the stone is considered one of the most powerful protectors. Some believe this stone creates a shield against negativity of the world.  A stone often used by shamans and healers to strengthen physic abilities and strengthen intuition.  This most beautiful and mysterious stone is grey with flecks of blues and greens. 

Quality 14K gold filled wire & genuine gemstones.  Small heart hoops measure approximately 1", gemstone drop hangs 1/4" to 1/2" approximately.  

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