Gemstone Candles - Amazonite
Gemstone Candles - Amazonite
Gemstone Candles - Amazonite

Gemstone Candles - Amazonite

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Expertly crafted soy wax candles are not only beautiful to smell and look at, but they come with crystal energy.  Each candle has genuine crystals that you can keep and add to your collection long after you've enjoyed your candle.

Hand poured soy wax., 8oz.

Amazonite has been called the singers stone, it has often helped people boost their confidence.  Used by entertainers, performers, or those who address large groups of people.  This stone has been attributed with the ability to enhance creativity, energy, and strength.  Full of life energy and vitality this stone inspires action, confidence, and motivation.

Use this stone as a reminder when you need a boost of self confidence or a little inspiration when working on creative projects.  Let the beautiful color warm your heart and stir your excitement for success.  Think of all that the stone represents and allow those thoughts to penetrate your mind. Visualize your best self accomplishing your goals.  Keep this stone as a reminder of all you are capable of, and tap into that energy when needed.
Crystal Quartz is added to amplify your intentions.  When you see this crystal remember you are in control of your thoughts, you can change them at any time.  Your thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings impact your actions.  Be aware of your thinking and course correct if needed.


After you have enjoyed your candle, you can reuse the glass container, and of course keep the crystals to help inspire you.

Believe in the magic within yourself, nothing works unless you do. Use this stone to remind you of the energy you wish to attract.

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