Sodalite Affirmation Card
Sodalite Affirmation Card
Sodalite Affirmation Card
Sodalite Affirmation Card
Sodalite Affirmation Card

Sodalite Affirmation Card

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Our gemstone affirmation cards, are a beautiful & useful way to incorporate crystals into your life.  Whether you are drawn to the stone or the message the stone carries, these cards can be a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you care about.

This card could be used as a gentle reminder of the energy you wish to maintain or create in your life.  This affirmation card can be a meaningful gesture for someone you want to encourage, but might not have the words for.  

These cards & small stones can be a visual expression of your intentions.


Sodalite is a stone associated with logic & truth.  This could be a helpful stone for  writers, poets, journalists, or any creative talent who is looking to express themselves with honesty & clarity.

This stone is often used  in meditation & self discovery, supporting honest evaluations & insights.

It is believed by many that, I am statements are powerful & helpful in becoming the energy you wish to attract.  These are possible affirmations you can.

I face the Truth, even when it's not easy.
I am open to the Truth.
I am True to my own Heart.


Cards are approximately 3.5x2.5" and packaged in a protective sleeve. Stones are natural & vary in size, shape, color.  Stones are approximately  .5 to 1" in size.


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