Raw Apatite Crystal
Raw Apatite Crystal

Raw Apatite Crystal

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Apatite stones are a stone of the future, believed to help one see or feel what is coming next.  It is a helpful stone to have during meditations, building your spiritual gifts, and aiding in communication with your higher self.  Thought to help clear confusion, reducing frustration, and helping to connect with ourselves.  This stone is useful in when needing spiritual guidance.

Also, believed to be a stone of truth and communication, associated with the throat chakra.  Use this stone when you want to communicate effectively, especially with large groups. 

Use Blue Apatite when you want to connect to a higher guidance, when you want to speak with a higher wisdom.  Let it remind you to slow down, to listen to your guides and angels, and speak with kindness and truth.

These crystals are raw, unpolished, vary in size, color, and striations. All stones come packaged with information card. 

Stones are approximately vary in size from half an inch to 1+ inches.

Order is for one (1) quantity stone 

Believe in the magic within yourself, nothing works unless you do. Use this stone to remind you of the energy you wish to attract.  Use these stones & crystals as visual reminders of what you wish. 

All stones vary in size, shape & color.  Stones are intuitively selected for you when ordered.

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