Citrine Affirmation Card

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Abundance * Growth * Success 

Citrine has a happy, generous energy.  The power of the sun is beaming from this stone to help grow your ideas & life.  Full of positive energy citrine is believed to support the energy of prosperity & abundance.  Often called the 'Merchants Stone'. Citrine is a good stone to gift anyone who has their own business or wants to create more wealth.  Also full, of energy, creativity & optimism, all traits one needs when building something new.  

It is believed by many that, I am statements are powerful & helpful in becoming the energy you wish to attract.  These are possible affirmations you can.

I am Successful.
I am ready to Grow.
I create Abundance.
I am Worthy of all good things.

Cards are approximately 3.5x2.5" and packaged in a protective sleeve. Stones are natural & vary in size, shape, color.  Stones are approximately  .5 to 1" in size.

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