Aquarius CZ Zodiac Necklace
Aquarius CZ Zodiac Necklace

Aquarius CZ Zodiac Necklace

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Aquarians are known for their independent, progressive, and humanitarian nature. They are forward-thinking individuals who value their freedom and individuality. Aquarians are often drawn to causes related to social justice and equality, and they are known for their innovative and unconventional ideas. They are intellectual and curious, always seeking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. While they may appear aloof or detached at times, Aquarians are also friendly and sociable, enjoying the company of like-minded individuals.

Here are a few celebrities who are Aquarius:

Jennifer Aniston (February 11)

Cristiano Ronaldo (February 5)

Michael Jordan (February 17)

These individuals exemplify some of the typical Aquarius traits such as humanitarianism, innovation, and independence.

Necklace is approximately 16" plus 1.5" extension chain at the end.

Plated metal jewelry is Fashion Jewelry. It won't last forever, but with reasonable care it can last years. Interactions with salt water, chlorine, high humidity, sweat & other chemicals like perfume, lotions, hair sprays, will dull the metal & most likely discolor. Over time the plated gold will eventually wear off.

Take off in between bathing, swimming, avoid getting wet or leaving in high humidity environments like bathrooms.

Your fashion jewelry is pretty, fun & didn't break the bank, if you take care of it, it can last a good long while.

Wear in good health & happy vibes.

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