Blue Calcite Tower Points
Blue Calcite Tower Points

Blue Calcite Tower Points

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Blue Calcite is associated with the Throat Chakra & believed to support truthful communication.  Seeing it will could help remind you to speak your truth & feel confident in sharing your perspectives.  Use this stone to help you remember your voice is special, needs to be heard & is important.

It has also been said that this stone is helpful in healing both physical & emotional injuries.  This would be a good gift to someone recovering from an illness or sadness, the soft color reminds us to be soft with ourselves & extend grace to our own healing.

Blue Calcite is believed to help in the development of your psychic gifts & Has been said to enhance creativity.

Tower points vary in size 7 weight.  Approximate height is 3-3.5"L and 1-1.2" diameter base.


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