Blue Lace Agate Affirmation Card
Blue Lace Agate Affirmation Card
Blue Lace Agate Affirmation Card
Blue Lace Agate Affirmation Card

Blue Lace Agate Affirmation Card

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Our gemstone affirmation cards, are a beautiful & useful way to incorporate crystals into your life.  Whether you are drawn to the stone or the message the stone carries, these cards can be a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you care about.

This card could be used as a gentle reminder of the energy you wish to maintain or create in your life.  Give an affirmation card as a meaningful gift or  gesture for someone you want to encourage.  

These cards & small stones can be a visual expression of your intentions.

Blue Lace Agate

Calming * Content* Nurturing* Truth

Blue Lace Agate invites calming energy.  This gentle blue stone is often used in mediations, and aides in reducing anxiety. Soft tranquil energy is meant to envelop your mind and comfort your soul.  Resting your eyes upon the soft blue can help you release anxious feeling. 

You have made it through all of the hardest moments of your life. You are strong, capable, and can tap into your inner peace at any time.  Take time to breathe, inhale calm, and exhale anxiety and worry.  Everything will be ok.

Use this stone & affirmation card to help you tap into healing energy.  You are the magic, this is just a tool to help you maintain the energy (frequency, vibration, mindset whatever you want to call it) of what your soul needs.

It is believed by many that, I am statements are powerful & helpful in becoming the energy you wish to attract.  These are possible affirmations you can use.

I am Peaceful.
I am Calm.
I am Safe and Protected.
I can Calm my Mind and Spirit.

Cards are approximately 3.5x2.5" and packaged in a protective sleeve. Stones are natural & vary in size, shape, color.  Stones are approximately  .5 to 1" in size.

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