Raw Sodalite
Raw Sodalite

Raw Sodalite

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True blue, Sodalite has been called the stone of truth, connecting the conscious and subconscious mind with your feelings and thoughts.  Believed to help see & accept your feelings and speak your truth.  It helps uncover our insecurities and things we might not like about ourselves, and view them more objectively, with less self judgement.  If a person is open to honest self evaluation, this stone can help the energy of acceptance begin to flow.  With this reminder of self acceptance, we can use this stone to stand firm in our beliefs and convictions.

Use this stone as a reminder of who you want to be, what beliefs & ideals are true for you.  Let this be a reminder of holding on to your values & not to be swayed from what you know is right. Think of all the stone represents and allow those thoughts to filter through to your interactions with others.

These crystals are raw, unpolished, vary in size, color, and striations. All stones come packaged with information card.

Order is for one (1) quantity stone 

Believe in the magic within yourself, nothing works unless you do. Use this stone to remind you of the energy you wish to attract.  Use these stones & crystals as visual reminders of what you wish. 

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