Smoke Cleansing Bundles
Smoke Cleansing Bundles
Smoke Cleansing Bundles
Smoke Cleansing Bundles

Smoke Cleansing Bundles

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Bundles of beautiful botanicals, made with conventionally grown botanicals that are sustainable grown. (not White Sage & never wild harvested). Approximately 6-7"L

Gemstones have been energetically cleansed with sound using special tuning forks.


Here is a little bit of information on the origins &  practice of burning medicinal plants in ceremonial rituals.

The idea of burning medicinal plants can be traced back to the dawn of time.  Cultures across the globe including the Aboriginal people of Australia, the Chinese, Egyptians, the Zulu from Africa, & most certainly the Native American people of the North America, are among the many different people who use the power of plants in sacred ceremonies.  Even today in many churches, you can experience the smoke from incense as part of the service.

The purifying power of ritual smoke has an undeniable history in many different spiritual practices.  Recent studies have shown that the smoke actually kills over 90% of airborne bacteria & inhibits the growth of pathogens. 

To this day, many indigenous people continue to collect & bundle plants that are sacred to their culture & geographic region to use in important ceremonies to clear bad energy from a person, place or object.  This practice is a very special part of the Native people's heritage & the plants are seen as medicine.  To be respectful to this cultural practice we want to avoid using the term 'Smudging or Saging' & use the language of 'Smoke Cleansing'.  When non-Native people burn sage and emulate this cultural practice it can be viewed as cultural appropriation & minimize the importance of this ritual to the Native American people. 

Smoke Cleansing or Energy Clearing can allow non native people to participate in their own personal practice of intention, healing, & energy cleansing, without trying to replicate part of another culture's spiritual practice.

The connection & interaction with nature is the right of anyone with a reverence for natural world.  

You can create your own practice that is personal & meaningful to you.  If you feel the need to clear old energy & to release what is not serving, smoke cleansing could help you draw closer to that sense of peace & light you are searching for.

Should you decide to burn the bundles, (many of our customers enjoy just keeping them) Please make sure you open a door or window.  You need adequate ventilation so your smoke detectors don't go off, & so the old energy can be released from your space.  You will also need a fire safe dish to catch any stray cinders.

Your bundle should be completely dry (if you've purchased it fresh). remove the string from the area you will light, as well as any gemstones.  You do not have to burn the entire bundle. Once lit, do not allow the bundle to flame, you only want the smoke.   

You can let the smoke waft over yourself, place or object you wish to cleanse.  Setting your intention before any spiritual practice is more important than the actions themselves, because nothing works unless you put forth your energy.

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