Mini Energy Cleansing Bundles
Mini Energy Cleansing Bundles
Mini Energy Cleansing Bundles
Mini Energy Cleansing Bundles

Mini Energy Cleansing Bundles

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Our Mini Smoke Cleansing Bundles have been handmade with care & with the intention of bringing positive energy into the world. Made with conventionally grown garden sage, (never white sage) & other botanicals.  These bundles are made with Crystal Quartz.

Cultures around the world have used the power of plants in ceremonies & spiritual practices to cleanse & clear energy.  In today's modern world reconnecting with nature & plant energy can help us invite more calm, tranquility & attain the energy we wish to have in our lives.  We invite you to create your own personal practice to connect with nature, yourself, and the energy you wish to have.

Guidance to creating your own smoke cleansing practice:
Give yourself privacy so you are not disturbed. Turn off distractions. Set your intention Meditate on what energy you need to release & what energy you would invite. Create a mantra or prayer that you can recite as you use your bundle.  Ask your higher power to guide you & bless your actions.

I like to start & stop at the same point, door or window & work in a clockwise manner, but fee free to do what feels right for your space. You may even choose to cleanse yourself outside directionality is not a factor.

Before Burning:

Make sure bundle is completely dry. Remove string & gemstones.
Ensure you have adequate ventilation by opening windows or doors. This is very important not only for smoke & fire safety, but to allow stagnant or negative energy to exit your space. A fire safe dish is required to catch stray embers & ash. I suggest something similar to an ash tray.

Once lit, do not allow flames to remain, put out flames by blotting out in the fire safe dish, only leaving smoke. You may have to relight more than once.

*Never leave bundle unattended.

These bundles will last a long time, you do not have to burn in one session.  It's also perfectly fine to even snap off a few leaves & only burn those.  Depending on your personal preferences & how often you enjoy this practice.

(These Energy CLEANSING bundles may make you think of the words 'Saging or Smudging' those terms are attributed to Native American people & are sacred to their ceremonies & practices.  These Smoke Cleansing bundles are different.

Non native people can also utilize the benefits of plant energy, but we should do so in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals, creating practices & prayers that are authentic to our own souls callings, not borrowing from cultures we don't fully comprehend.)

If you'd like to read more on why I use the plant materials I do, I added a blog about it



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Energy Cleansing Bundles

I have bought these for myself and as gift. They are great for getting rid of negative energy.

United States United States

Bye Bye Bad Energy!

Love these cleansing bundles! They are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen and work great!

Erin L.
United States United States

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