Carnelian Gemstone Affirmation Card
Carnelian Gemstone Affirmation Card
Carnelian Gemstone Affirmation Card
Carnelian Gemstone Affirmation Card

Carnelian Gemstone Affirmation Card

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Our gemstone affirmation cards, are a beautiful & useful way to incorporate crystals into your life.  Whether you are drawn to the stone or the message the stone carries, these cards can be a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you care about.

This card could be used as a gentle reminder of the energy you wish to maintain or create in your life.  This affirmation card can be a meaningful gesture for someone you want to encourage, but might not have the words for.  

These cards & small stones can be a visual expression of your intentions.


Brave * Courageous * Creative * Energetic

Carnelian has been called the 'Singer's Stone'. It is believed to help encourage bravery while performing, boost creativity when writing or creating art and have supportive energy and vibrancy.  Thought to encourage self esteem, confidence, and spark inspiration.   

Carnelian might be a good stone to give someone who needs an extra boost in self confidence and motivation.  It's a good stone to have while doing any type of creative work like art, writing, or performing.  If you have any actors or singers in your life, this might be the perfect token for them. 

It is believed by many that, I am statements are powerful & helpful in becoming the energy you wish to attract.  These are possible affirmations you can use.

I am Brave.
I don't have to have all the answers.
It's ok if I get scared, I know it will pass.
I make choices based in Love, not fear.
While I might have fear, it does not have me & I can release it.
I have the courage to be Myself.

Cards are approximately 3.5x2.5" and packaged in a protective sleeve. Stones are natural & vary in size, shape, color.  Stones are approximately  .5 to 1" in size.

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