Sage Rose & Selenite - Smoke Cleansing Bundles
Sage Rose & Selenite - Smoke Cleansing Bundles
Sage Rose & Selenite - Smoke Cleansing Bundles

Sage Rose & Selenite - Smoke Cleansing Bundles

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Bundles of beautiful botanicals, made with conventionally grown sage, cedar & botanicals that are sustainable grown. (not White Sage & never wild harvested)

These bundles include conventional grown sage, roses, and gemstones. Approximately 6-7"L


Here is a little bit of information of the origins of these bundles & the culture from which they come.

The practice of 'Saging or Smudging" comes from centuries old Indigenous traditions. To this day, many indigenous people continue to collect & bundle plants that are sacred to their culture & geographic region to use in important ceremonies to clear bad energy from a person, place or object. This practice is a very special part of the Native people's heritage & the plants are seen as medicine.  To be respectful to this cultural practice we want to avoid using the terms 'Smudging or Saging' & use the language of 'Smoke Cleansing'.  When non-Native people burn sage and emulate this cultural practice it can be viewed as cultural appropriation & minimize the importance of this ritual to the Native American people. 

However, the burning of medicinal plants and incense has been used by many cultures around the world.  Smoke from such plants with antibacterial properties actually does reduce airborne bacteria, and essentially reduces  germs in the area.

Many of our customers tell us that they do not intend on burning these bundles, rather choosing to completely dry out & simply save to keep as a visual reminder of the energy they wish to attract.

However, should you decide to burn the bundles, please make sure you have adequate ventilation, by opening a door or window.  This allows the smoke to escape as well as any negative energies that are lingering.

If your bundle is fresh, allow it to dry thoroughly before attempting to light. This could be several weeks depending on how fresh the florals are and the humidity levels. Have a fire safe dish to catch any stray embers. Remove the string & any gemstones.  Light, but do not allow to flame up, use the fire safe dish to smash out the flames if any, and then allow the smoke to waft around your space. 

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