Crystal Essential Gift Box
Crystal Essential Gift Box
Crystal Essential Gift Box
Crystal Essential Gift Box

Crystal Essential Gift Box

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The perfect gift for yourself or a dear one who is just starting their crystal collection or even for the existing collector.  You can't go wrong with the crystals inside this reusable gift box.

Each box includes

1 Mini-smoke cleanse bundle with quartz crystal

1 Selenite bar

1 Rose Quartz Tumbled Stone

1 Citrine Tumbled Stone

1 Green Aventurine Tumbled Stone

1 Amethyst Tumbled Stone

1 Carnelian Tumbled Stone

Stone information cards for each stone.

I hope you enjoy these sets as much as I enjoyed putting them together for you. They have been cleansed with sound, using specialized tuning forks and sent out to meet your highest good.

*Stones vary in size & color, but you are seeing a good representation of what you will receive. 

*Stone attributes are never to be substituted for medical advice, please always use common sense and seek professional medical advice for any medical issues.  Buying our beads and stones will not cure you of anything, but they have been known to improve your outfit or mood and that's got to count for something.* 


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