Crystal Drop Necklace-Rough Amethyst
Crystal Drop Necklace-Rough Amethyst

Crystal Drop Necklace-Rough Amethyst

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Rough Amethyst Drop Stone on Brass with gold plated chain & clasp.

Believed to be a highly spiritual stone that helps to connect our physical beings with the higher realms.  Helping connect one to their higher selves, strengthening the connection to our higher power, especially through mediation or prayer.  Amethysts are associated with the crown chakra or third eye, and sometimes called the 'Stone of the soul'.

Many believe the stone to assist in balancing emotions.  Encouraging peace, calm, and feelings of contentment.  If you're feeling stresses, Amethyst is a good stone to help you remember to invite calm and tranquil energy into your life.

Necklace measures approximately 16"with 2.5"L extension chain.

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