Aspen Bracelet - Amazonite
Aspen Bracelet - Amazonite
Aspen Bracelet - Amazonite
Aspen Bracelet - Amazonite
Aspen Bracelet - Amazonite

Aspen Bracelet - Amazonite

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I describe the Aspen bracelet as a mixture of structured style and bohemian freedom.  The use of suede leather brings a casual, free-spirit feeling, but the structure of the beading and the hardware of the closure brings a bit of refinement. 

These bracelets are wonderful by themselves, in combination with another style or stacked with other colors.  

More than a foot of leather is used in these bracelets, which are then combined with genuine gemstones.  You can adjust the fit of the bracelet by pulling on the leather ends in opposite directions.


Amazonite has been called the stone of truth & bravery.  Amazonite helps support reflection and self discovery.  It has been said to help a person uncover their personal truths and help them to lead with integrity.  Thought to help resolve inner conflicts.  Some believe it encourages the expression of thoughts and feelings, and helps bring to light the other side of an issue.  It is also fabled to help bring clarity through dreams.

Legends say it studded the shields of the mythical tribe of Amazon warriors thought to have lived in the 10th century B.C. ( Wonder Woman's people).

Amazonite is named after the Amazon River where lush vegetation surrounds the landscape and mirrors the range of colors in the stone.

Is all that true? 

I have researched these stones, and to the best of my ability share with you what I believe to be the most accurate information.  We can verify much of the science such as chemical make-ups, interactions, and practical uses, but beyond that I can only share the recorded history regarding believed spiritual attributes associated with the stones.

I believe humans are drawn to rocks, crystals and gemstones because they are made up of some of the very same minerals that are in our own bodies.  They are elemental, naturally beautiful and we connect with them on some basic level, even if that level is just that we think they're gorgeous and unique.  They have been incorporated into every culture and civilization throughout the earth's history.

Personally, I love learning the history of these stones, how they were used, what people believed they could do, and where they were found in the world. I think their crystalline structures, chemical make-ups, and how they are formed within the earth is truly magical, but beyond that I just love looking at them and have a hunch you do too.  So let's just enjoy them, don't over think it.  



*Stone attributes are never to be substituted for medical advice, please always use common sense and seek professional medical advice for any medical issues.  Buying our beads and stones will not cure you of anything, but they will improve your outfit and that's got to count for something.*