Heart Drop Earrings - Herkimer Diamond - Medium Size
Heart Drop Earrings - Herkimer Diamond - Medium Size

Heart Drop Earrings - Herkimer Diamond - Medium Size

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Whether you're gifting yourself or to someone you love, I want the reaction to be that of delight.  I made these earrings and packaged them like this, because I want the recipient to ooh and ahhh over the cuteness of the little bottle, filled with the sweetest earrings that have the most lovely colorful gemstones.  

Know they are made with lots of love and meant to be given and received with that energy.

These heart drop earrings are just the perfect little something that makes you feel complete whether headed to the grocery store or a date night.  Light, easy, and so precious.  Genuine gemstones and heavy gauged 14K gold filled wires are used to create these little lovelies.

Herkimer Diamond are often used in healing environments when clarity is needed. The stones high frequency facilitates the removal of stagnant energy, emotional blocks, and stimulates higher vibrations by helping to increase the amount of light around it.  Herkimer Diamonds are actually quartz, but similar to diamonds they are double terminated, which means they are pointy on both ends.  This stone is primarily found in Herkimer County in New York, where it gets it's name from.

Earrings measure approximately 1 7/8"L from ear wire to stone drop.  Stone drops range from 1/4" to 1/2"L.  Bottle height is approximately 3 1/4"L.

Hand made with love for you.  Earrings come packaged in adorable glass vials with stoppers.

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