Daily Gratitude Practice - Green Aventurine

Daily Gratitude Practice - Green Aventurine

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Everything you need to keep your energy in a state of gratitude.  It's so important to already be thankful for what you currently have. 

Regardless of how difficult a time you might be having there is always something to thankful for.  I'm not saying it will be easy, but it is vital to lifting your current state of mind, energy & emotions.

Use your beautiful 'magic pen' to write down at least 3 things you're grateful for that day.  It might be your healthy body, it might be your healing body, or heart, or it might be the roof over your head, and the health and safety of your loved ones.  Start with whatever grain of gratitude you can find, and be intentional on growing it.

In the middle of the day write at least 1 thing you're thankful for and leave it somewhere where you will see it later that evening and morning.

Rinse, Repeat & Grow more abundant in whatever it is you wish to attract.


Lined Journal

Special Pen

Affirmation Card


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